Yobachi2003 (yobachi2003) wrote in box_office,

The Ring 2

It opens Tomorrow. Are you going to see it?

I really enjoyed the Ring, and am hoping that the sequel is at least nearly as good; I’m excited to see it. But then recognizing that most sequels are garbage or at least don’t measure up the magic(for lack of a better word) of the original; that excitement is tempered with cynicism and a feeling I’m going to be smacked across the face with disappointment.

In Scream 2 there’s a scene where two characters debate whether there’s ever been a horror film sequel as a good as the original.

So those are my questions to you. If you liked The Ring, are you going to see Ring 2? Secondly, what horror films have had sequels that were at least good even if not quite as good as the original?
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