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[17 Apr 2005|02:02am]
currently 200/ 6700 us dollars....donate away ppl and those that have THANK YOU!!!

and jarod you better donate at least 50! :)

hey you guys...sorry i haven't been active in awhile....but i have thought about undertaking a trip around the country to visit all sights conspiracy related (dealey plaza, new york wtc complex etc)

and i need a bike to do it....so donate to jasn's bike fund so i can get this trip underway....

even 1 dollar helps people...and thank you all in advance...

make a donation by clicking below!

much love,

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[17 Apr 2005|03:00am]
oh and just to let you all know

all proceeds over the 6700 dollars will go to the knights of columbus....which is an orginization that supports mentally handicapped children and their families

much love,
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