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This is a community where we can all gather and talk about movies, the ultimate pasttime. Say what you will about any movie you choose. Just make sure you post often so the community will actually be worth coming to. If you can't think of anything to say just tell us about your favorite movies or the movies you've seen recently.

Talk about the movies you love and the movies you hate. Talk about why you love movies, talk about why movies suck, talk about your mama's favorite movies.....just make sure you talk.

The Rules

2. Plug your website or community (as long as it's movie related) if you want but don't flood the community with it or your ass will be promptly kicked.

3. Cross post if you wanna...i don't care

4. Moderators suck most of the time and banning sucks...HOWEVER, you will be banned if you act like an ass to anyone especially myself, movieman or heartsvagaries.

5. POST!!!!!

6. did i mention POST?

7. hide your spoilers behind a cut tag. you probably won't be banned or beaten if you don't but it's just inconsiderate.

rules suck...but we all have to have them to a certain degree.....those are this community's rules....they aren't really rules, basically just a guidline.

don't be a dick and you will NEVER get banned from this community.....